When analysed, we find that the complete Indian Education system and Indian Society has various loopholes that prohibits students assimilate the real knowledge, that they are supposed to acquire.

Caste System:

The reservation system according to the castes and backgrounds, a student carries with himself is given more importance in our country than the knowledge a person possesses.


"we don't need castesystem here..."

 Slow Economic Growth:

Economists say this is because more work is now being done with few employees. "The economy is generating less jobs per unit of GDP," says D.K. Joshi, chief economist at ratings and research firm Crisil.


"Move fast break things........(can do)"

Seasonal Occupation:

Agriculture sector is also considered inglorious making students repel to work or innovate in the sector, although it has to appreciative the job opportunities&Seasonal employment.


"If the farmer works only the World can eat."

Peer Pressure

The flawed education system expects every student to excel in every field they are exposed to.The parents expect their child to fit in just about anywhere,thinking that’s the way how people succeed in their lives.




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